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Welcome to your Wellness Site from Ascension Genesys Health Club!  We hope to inspire, encourage and guide you, so that you may enjoy a better quality of life.


Start by filling out your Wellness Profile by logging-in.  Or continue reading to learn more about how the Wellness Program and Wellness Site can serve your health goals!



“Whether you need more energy, have health hurdles to overcome, or simply want to improve your fitness routine, we have resources to help you create attainable and relevant goals.”

Jennifer Colombo

Fitness Director, B.S. - N.A.S.M. - C.P.T                                                          


Your Fitness Specialist

Please complete your Wellness Profile two days prior to your scheduled meeting with your Fitness Specialist so that s/he may create a plan for your goals and your body.  If needed, your Fitness Specialist will guide you in dealing with hurdles that stand between you and an improved lifestyle.


Your Wellness Site

Ascension Genesys Health Club is a unique facility and we pride ourselves in providing our members with a knowledgeable, friendly team of professionals.  It’s our ultimate aim to provide you with an enjoyable membership experience and to guide you in living your life to the fullest!


With these goals in mind, we have decided to partner our vast abilities with the functionality offered by the Wellness Site. The Wellness Site will serve you in managing your progress, goals, and in communicating with your Fitness Specialist.


Be sure to check back often, to track your results, read articles and more!


Getting Started

Are you ready for a healthier, happier tomorrow?  If so, complete your Wellness Profile, by logging-in, and prepare to meet your Fitness Specialist soon!


We, the team at Ascension Genesys Health Club, look forward to guiding you through this exciting experience!


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